Aviator game

“Aviator”: let’s fly?

Definitely! But everything, as they say, depends on the screw. In Aviator, an aircraft is an aircraft, the duration of the flight of which determines the player’s gain. The peculiarity of the game is that the end of each new round is unpredictable. The plane can leave the field at any time, fly out of it. If up to this point the player has not managed to collect the amount of the bet multiplied by the accumulated coefficient, he loses. However, it should be noted that just like in other similar games (Jet X, for example), it is possible to set up and run an automatic game. Fixed bet amount, desired odds – 2 parameters that determine the result.

Automatic game or manual?

So, the player has the opportunity to either collect money manually, or use the automatic game. Here are the details:

  1. Manual mode. The player sets the bet amount, waits for the start of the game round, and then starts to follow the plane. The longer the flight time, the higher the probability that the ship will leave the “working” field. Therefore, you need to strive to give up emotions and take your own life as soon as possible. Even if the coefficient is 1.5-2, with a bet of, say, up to five dollars, it is better to take at least something. Even 30-50% of the amount bet is a good addition to the balance. We recommend taking risks only with small stakes in order to eliminate mental discomfort and emotional overstrain. They can lead to the desire to recoup in a series of losses, which often provokes a reset of the game balance.
  2. Automatic mode. Its essence is simple. The amount of the bet and the coefficient are set by the player. Each new round, when the return condition (the aircraft reaches a certain multiplier) is fulfilled, the money with the corresponding increase is returned to the game balance.

Which is better: “Plinko” or “Aviator”?

Both games are worth checking out. Both from experienced players and beginners. The first – Plinko – is a simple gambling entertainment. With the “Aviator” is a little more complicated. But the choice in any of the cases is the task of a particular player. We specifically consider gambling and describe its main features so that you can choose suitable entertainment for yourself.

“Plinko” is suitable for players who value comfort and relaxation. It is enough to launch the ball and wait for it to hit a specific cell. No additional steps are needed. Excitement will be, but not as strong as in the “Aviator”. In the latter case, a lot depends on when the player decides to take the money. He may simply not be in time and lose the whole bet.

Plinko XY has a minimum return, but it is guaranteed. Even if the ball falls into an unwanted cell with a coefficient of 0.2, 20% of the bet amount is a guaranteed payout. It is much more difficult to lose everything, the probability of success and profit is increased.

And yet, we at least recommend trying the Aviator.

Plinko is already waiting for you!

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