How to play Plinko XY

Playing Plinko is easy enough.

No special knowledge is needed. The most important qualities for a player are restraint, the ability to control emotions and manage money competently. The game screen is represented by a number of elements and options, but the most important are the following:

  1. Bet menu. It is intended to set the player the amount that he is willing to spend on the round. You can bet, say, $1. The value is best selected taking into account other parameters. We will tell about them further. The developer provides special additional buttons to eliminate manual input. They can be found right below the line where you are supposed to enter a particular value.
  2. Block “Risk”. An additional important parameter is set here. It is, of course, about the degree of risk. In the basic versions of the Plinko game, there are 3 of them. These are low, medium and high degrees. In the first case, the number of cells at the bottom of the Plinko virtual board will be minimal. The same goes for coefficients. The spread of values will be small, the maximum often with a low degree of risk is 2. In the case of an average, the number of cells will increase. There will be more negative and positive coefficients. A similar rule is true for a high degree of risk.
  3. Section Pin (“Levels”). Here the player can choose the number of “lanes” of obstacles. We are talking about barriers that will prevent the ball from falling calmly. It will push off from them and change the direction of movement downwards. As in the case of risk, the number of levels set by the player will affect the spread of coefficients and values in specific cells.

What else do you need to know

Another significant, but not so important parameter is the automatic game. This option is suitable if you do not want to start each new round on your own. Also note that you can run both one ball at a time, and several at once.

Choose the required parameters, customize Plinko for yourself, try different strategies and earn! We also recommend that you remember that the developer has special rules. We advise you to familiarize yourself with them before starting the game. In this case, the likelihood of success will increase significantly.

Each game round can bring a good profit

And this is true. However, only on condition that the player is serious, ready to follow the rules, manage the balance competently and not succumb to emotions. Otherwise, you should not count on profit. To increase the likelihood of success, it is advisable to try different strategies and tactics, and if possible, then develop your own unique game model. In the latter situation, you can become a real lucky and even a professional, and even hit the jackpot.

We have collected and described on a separate page some common strategies. We recommend trying them. This will allow you to understand how everything works in Plinko, as well as develop your own tactics for guaranteed victories.

Play Plinko XY now

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