Rules of the game

Basic Rules

The developer provides for a number of unchanging rules. However, depending on the version of “Plinko” presented in the casino chosen by the player, changes are likely. On an ordinary example, we will present the main points that deserve attention.

1.  The player can choose the number of levels of obstacles

Usually there are 8-16 of them. You can choose, therefore, both 10 and 14, for example. When it comes to the minimum value, the number of cells at the bottom of the virtual Plinko board will be appropriate. At the same time, the most probable, but at the same time low factors (0.2-0.3) are located in the central part, increased factors (1.5-29, for example) are located on the left and right. Provided that the player has chosen 16 levels, the maximum multiplier is 1000!

2. The degree of risk, as well as the number of levels, affects the coefficients

If, for example, it is minimal, and 8 obstacle courses are selected, then the spread will be as follows: 0.5-5.6. With a high degree of risk, the range will change significantly even with all other things being equal (0.2-29).

Everything else is simple

The player chooses the amount of the bet and clicks on the “Play” button. Manual game is possible, there is an automatic game. In the latter case, you need to specify the number of balls that, after the start of the round, the system will release one by one onto the board.

Did you roughly understand what it was about? Then we recommend that you familiarize yourself with common and popular strategies, as well as tactics that bring good money to players who prefer Plinko.

Features and nuances

If everything is clear with the main points, you need to additionally deal with a number of subtleties. Plinko is a game where in any case the level of risk is at least medium. Why not high? Because there is always a return. Even hitting the ball in the cell with the minimum multiplier leads to partial compensation of the bet amount. If, for example, it is 0.2, then the player is guaranteed to receive 20% from one conventional unit placed. But this does not mean that you can thoughtlessly and randomly “fly” into Plinko. Endurance, strategy, knowledge of the rules, the ability to control oneself and monitor emotions, manage balance – all this is extremely important and even necessary.

Player versus casino

PlinkoXY is gambling. And the calculation of the casino, regardless of its reputation and scale of activity, often comes down to the hope that a particular player will succumb to emotions and spend everything. Therefore, we recommend that before you start playing, at least practice, try the free version. Demo is a great opportunity to get acquainted with the game, try your luck, without using real money.

Risk, luck and winnings. Or not?

All this can, depending on the case, equally and almost completely characterize Plinko. If some players take risks, sometimes unjustifiably, while they are lucky and win regularly, then others, even if they follow the principles of money management and plan series with minimal bets, face constant losses. Luck is the key to regular winnings. But this is not the rule. You can try to “hack” the program and become a successful player.

Doubt about the possibility of earning in Plinko? Ready to dispel prejudice. Check out the reviews of real players to understand that winnings at Plinko are real.

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